Decorating with Yarn!

Hello Everyone! It has been a while since I have posted, since I am getting used to life with newborn twins! I wanted to create something, with yarn, that was a little different than my usual items, could hang on the wall, and baby friendly. I decided to purchase a latch hook kit, to fit […]

Crochet Pattern Testers

Hello! Over the years I have had several testers try out my patterns, but I usually find people through Ravelry or Etsy. I decided it was time to have a running list of people I can contact when I have a new pattern, that needs to be tested. 🙂 Qualifications: All that you need to […]

Free Crochet Toddler Quiet Book Pattern

Along with my AMK Crochet business, I am a nanny for an adorable little toddler, who is turning two! I started working with her a year ago, when I moved to Seattle. I have been trying to decide what to make her, for her birthday, that would be fun and not take up too much […]