Adjusting Crochet Patterns For Multiple Sizes

I receive a lot of questions about the sizing for my patterns, what age will it fit, and about how hard is it to adjust. As I just published my pirate outfit in multiple sizes, I thought now would be a good time to answer! First of all, there is no one size chart that will work for every child. All of my measurement are based off of averages (CDC website for head size), baby clothing (I have used Gerber pants to get estimates), diapers (they have weight for each size diaper), and just measuring babies that I have babysat and nanny for (of course, with permission from their parents). Yet, every child is still different and does not always fit into age and/or weight category. The absolute best thing you can do is get measurements of the child and adjust as necessary, which then leads to the question of how to adjust?

I started out with a lot of trial and error, which can be a very frustrating and long process. Now that I have been writing and selling my patterns for a little while I have more of a baseline to go off of. Hats are the easiest to adjust, since for the most part hat sizing goes up in predictable increments. Hat length can vary depending on how low you want it to go, such as above the ear, below the ear, with ear flaps. This is the basic hat (beanie style) scale I go off of for most of my items, with some variation here and there.

Age Circumference Length
0-3 Months 13-14″ 5.5″
3-6 Months 14-16″ 6″
6-12 Months 16-18″ 6.5″
12-36 Months 18-20″ 7″
3-10 Years 19-21″ 7.5″
Teen/Adult Small 20-22″ 8″
Adult Medium 22-24″ 8-8.5″

As you can see the hat circumference gradually goes up and length goes up about a 1/2 inch each size. For me, figuring out the measurements was the hardest part. Now, I can just calculate how many stitches and rows I need based off my gauge. For example, with my ‘H’ hook and worsted weight yarn I can double crochet about 7 stitches and about 4 rows to make a 2″ by 2″ piece. Therefore, if I want to make my hat one inch longer, I just need to add 2 rows. Of course this will change when I am using a different stitch, hook, or yarn, but the method still applies. Although it can seem like a waste, checking your gauge is important! This also works for any garment, such as pants. I used the same technique to change my newborn pirate pants into 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months size.

For making items, such as pants, I recommend starting with a foundation single crochet or double crochet, this will give you much more stretch, compared to chaining and working into the chain. You can see how to start with foundation double crochet (Ffdc), here.

Even with all of my time spent figuring out sizing, I am reminded that not every child is the same. Here is my best example, I sent my 6-12 month pirate outfit to a photographer, in exchange for photos. Her grandson just turned one, so he was the perfect fit (first 2 photos below). However, her 3 year old grandson wanted to give it a try and to both of our surprise, it fit!  As you can see below (3rd picture), it fit his head and waist, but was much shorter and looks more like shorts.

Crochet Pirate Outfit by AMKCrochet   Crochet Pirate Outfit by AMKCrochet   Crochet Pirate Outfit by AMKCrochet

Now, when it comes to sizing Amigurumi, I am still in the trial and error method, since they don’t always follow an easy increasing gradually method. Unless you are doing a more rounded piece, such as a pumpkin… which reminds me that I need to publish my free pumpkin pattern. 🙂

Here is my swords, a smaller one that I used for the newborn and 0-3 month size and the larger one I used for 3-6 month and can be seen in the 6-12 month size, pictures above.

Crochet Sword Patter by AMKCrochet

Just so you can see the difference, side by side, the left outfit in the photo is a newborn size and the right side is the 6-12 month size.

Crochet Pirate Outfit Pattern by AMKCrochet

Next time you see a pattern you like in the wrong size, why not try to adjust?

To buy the pattern for the pirate outfit, with sword, in multiple sizes, go to my ‘patterns for sale’ section.

I would love to hear how you get your measurements and size your items! Do you have a go to size chart? Do you use trial and error?

Please remember that all of my photos are copyright AMK Crochet and cannot be used, changed, or claimed as your own. Feel free to link back to this post though! Thank you to Memories by Michele for the once again amazing photo. Thank you for reading!

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    Where is your patterns for sale section? I am trying to buy the pirate outfit in ultiple sizes on etsy you only have newborn?

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      Hello, when I reformatted my patterns, I never fixed and published the pirate in multiple sizes again. Currently, I only have the newborn size listed.

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