Free Crochet C2C (Corner to Corner) Humpback Whale Graphgan Baby Blanket

It took me a while, but I am finally finished with my humpback whale plush toy and baby blanket! This is the second set, to go with the matching orca blanket and plush for my little twin girls. Here is a picture of the plush and blanket together. 🙂

I am pretty happy with how it turned out! The reason that it took me so long, is that I couldn’t decide how to create the plush toy. I started working in the round, but then didn’t want to just sew white patches on. Tried working with changing color each round, but it started to get complicated and not line up correctly. Consequently, I ended up with a combination of working in the round and then rows. The white part is sewn to the charcoal grey, but not on top. The pieces are created as two seperate parts and sewn together. You can get the pattern for the plush toy here.

The blanket is very similar to my orca one, since I wanted it to match, for my twin girls. I am not going to relist and link to all the information about creating a C2C (corner to corner) graphgan again, but you can see it all in my orca blanket post here.  The materials and graph are listed below.

Materials Used:
Red Heart Soft in Charcoal
Red Heart Soft in White
Red Heart Soft in Light Grey Heather
Red Heart Soft in Teal
Red Heart Soft in Seafoam
Size H/5.0 mm Crochet Hook
Tapestry Needle
Measuring Tape

Basics of creating a corner to corner graphgan, in my orca blanket post.

Size: Mine ended up in a baby blanket size – approx 29″ long and 21.5″ wide.

Gauge: Gauge is not essential, but if you would like the blanket to turn out the same size as mine, I recommend matching my gauge. You will need to create a square to measure.
With worsted weight yarn and ‘H’ hook: 6 squares by 6 squares is equal to 4″ X 4″ piece.


Instead of coloring in some graph paper, like I did last time, I tried a computer version. Let me know what you think! I would love to see how your blanket turns out!

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*****You are responsible for your finished items. While blankets are safe for older children, please do not leave babies under 2 years old unattended, as it poses a suffocation hazard. Please follow safety guidelines about no loose bedding in baby’s cribs and monitor while used in car seats.  *****

Please do not copy, resell, rewrite or redistribute this pattern or any of the pictures as your own or in any other form. This pattern and all photos from AMK Crochet are copyrighted and cannot be used without written consent. You are responsible for your finished items. You may sell finished items made with this pattern, but must include a link back to my store, Feel free to share the link to this post. 


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