Free Crochet C2C (Corner to Corner) Humpback Whale Graphgan Baby Blanket

It took me a while, but I am finally finished with my humpback whale plush toy and baby blanket! This is the second set, to go with the matching orca blanket and plush for my little twin girls. Here is a picture of the plush and blanket together. 🙂

I am pretty happy with how it turned out! The reason that it took me so long, is that I couldn’t decide how to create the plush toy. I started working in the round, but then didn’t want to just sew white patches on. Tried working with changing color each round, but it started to get complicated and not line up correctly. Consequently, I ended up with a combination of working in the round and then rows. The white part is sewn to the charcoal grey, but not on top. The pieces are created as two seperate parts and sewn together. You can get the pattern for the plush toy here.

Image Crochet C2C (Corner to Corner) Orca Graphgan Baby Blanket

I have been seeing more and more C2C (corner to corner) crochet graphgans and I decided it was finally time to make one of my own! I have never been a fan of creating blankets and just never seem to have the patience for them, so this type of blanket seemed more up to speed for me! Also, with my little twins on the way, I have extra motivation to create some baby blankets! I honestly wasn’t sure how, so I started looking up some videos, created my own graph, and I am glad that I did! I am sure there is an easy online way to create your own graph/chart to follow, but I decide to start with just drawling my own. Plus, I didn’t want to accidentally violate somebody’s copyright, by taking their picture.

Free Crochet 1st Trimester Pregnancy Fruit Pattern – Lime, Plum, Peach, and Lemon

Not too long ago we found out we were pregnant, with twins! We are beyond excited and of course, had to add some crochet additions to our pictures. I decided, for the first trimester I would crochet little fruit, to document some of the weeks. According to different pregnancy books and websites, I came up with the approximate length the babies should be at each week and the corresponding fruit.

All fruit use:
Worsted Weight Yarn #4 – Colors Below.
‘E’/3.5mm Crochet Hook
Tapestry Needle
Poly-Fil Stuffing
Stitch Marker

Lime: Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green (approx 10 yards)

Plum: Vanna’s Choice in Purple (approx 18 yards) and Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green (approx 2 yards)

Lemon: Red Heart with Love in Daffodil (approx 20 yards)

Peach: Caron Simply Soft in Persimmon (approx 30 yards)

Free Crochet Toddler Quiet Book Pattern

Along with my AMK Crochet business, I am a nanny for an adorable little toddler, who is turning two! I started working with her a year ago, when I moved to Seattle. I have been trying to decide what to make her, for her birthday, that would be fun and not take up too much space. Her mom already creates cute clothing (you can see it here) and she has been gifted crochet blankets, from family members. With most of my items being newborn photography props, I needed a new idea! Looking through Pinterest and Etsy, for educational toddlers items, I was reminded of quiet books. The basic idea behind a ‘quiet book’ is to have a handmade book (typically felt/flannel) to entertain children in an educational and fun way, that just so happens to keep them quiet (hopefully). The little girl I nanny for is very smart and has a surprisingly long attention span, so this seemed like a great option for her, especially since she has been traveling a lot lately.

Baby Tortoise Cozy Free Crochet Pattern – Princess Peach and Baby Bowser Cozy

For my sister’s birthday, she wanted a baby tortoise. Her husband ended up getting her two and they came up with the names of Princess Peach and Bowser. Of course, I had to try to make each of them a cozy, to match their names. I don’t know much about tortoises, so I started searching around online and found an Etsy store that sells turtle cozies. The shop is currently on break, but there are links to other Etsy shops that sell them. You can see them here. Taking a look though her sold orders, you can see some adorable outfits. Although, I had the problem of my sister’s tortoises being babies and since she lives in Texas and I live in Washington, I can’t just go try them on.  I was clueless on sizing and measurements, so I went off of measurements in the photos she sent over.

Free Crochet Newborn Bear Hat Pattern

Bernat Pipsqueak yarn is a super soft, bulky weight (size 5) yarn, that comes in several fun colors. I love how soft it is and use it for several of my newborn outfits. I have had a lot of people ask me how hard Bernat Pipsqueak yarn is to work with and I honestly don’t have a great answer for that. It really varies from person to person, but there is the benefit of the fuzz hiding mistakes. 🙂 The problem with this fuzzy yarn is that you really can’t see the stitches, so you have to go more off of how it feels and almost just know where the next stitch goes. However, once you get the hang of it, it works up quickly for some fun baby items. I highly recommend counting your stitches each row! It definitely gets easier the more you work with it though, which brought about this free pattern. This way you can give the yarn a try, while making an adorable bear hat. Then, if you want to try another, you can head over to my ‘patterns for sale’ section and I just published another free pattern in pipsqueak yarn! 

Free Tiny Snowman Ornament Crochet Pattern

After making my newborn snowman cocoon and hat I really wanted to make another snowman item! I wanted to make something for more than just newborns and ended up with making a little ornament. This way it can be a simple decoration for winter, on the Christmas tree, or for your new baby’s first Christmas. I was originally going to have the ornament match my newborn set, but I thought a little more neutral might be better. I just love the photo that Michele took for me though!