Butterfly Mobile Tutorial

Over Christmas I took the train down to Oregon, to spend some time with family and decided to have a crafty Christmas! I originally planned to crochet a few baby mobiles, for my little twins, but I started to worry that I was going to run out of time! Time seems to be flying! I can’t believe I was already 24 weeks along for Christmas. I still have their hospital hats, newborn photo props, and more plush toys to crochet! Consequently, I recruited my parent’s help in making a spiral butterfly mobile out of simple scrapbook paper. I wanted a simple and sweet mobile to hang over their changing table, in hopes that it will be a good distraction for all of those upcoming diaper changes. 🙂

I wasn’t quite sure how to make the mobile when I started, so I will do my best to explain the process.

I started with a trip to Michael’s Craft Store to get my supplies. I decided to link to the products on Amazon, for those that do not live close to a Michaels. These are affiliate links, so I will get a small percentage if you buy the item, after clicking on the link, from my site. It does not charge you any more than normal.

Paper – I chose a pack of purple that came in variegated purple. Just be careful not to get too thick of paper.
Yarn or String – I used a cotton crochet thread metallic white/pearl color
Cross Stitch Hoop 12″
Butterfly Punch – There are several options for different styles of butterflies
Tulle – I used lavender color
Measuring Tape
Tapestry Needle
Optional: Paint and paint brush – to paint the cross stitch hoop. I used white.

Coats: Crochet & Floss – Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton Metallic Size 10

Once you have all of your supplies, start punching out some butterflies! I just started with one sheet in each color and punched out more as I needed them (I ended up using 24 butterflies in each of the 4 colors). If you are going to paint your cross stitch hoop, I recommend doing that first, so it has time to dry.

To fit on the cross stitch hoop evenly, I made 6 strands of yarn for each color (total of 24 strands). I started with the darkest color being shortest/closest to the hoop. You can see how I started to lay out the strands of butterflies below. I would tie a knot at the end of the yarn, use my tapestry needle to push through the middle of the butterfly and string it on the yarn. Then, I would tie another knot in the yarn about an 1″ up, for the next butterfly, and so on.

Basically, I wanted all of the butterflies to be an inch apart from each other and have 4 butterflies per strand of yarn. For the distance from the top of the hoop, I increased each strand by an inch also. My first butterfly is about an inch away from the hoop and my last butterfly is about 24″ away from the hoop. I also tied a knot in the yarn, so show where it needs to be on the hoop. That way I could leave extra yarn at the top and adjust the butterflies as needed, once they were on the hoop.

Once I had all of my butterflies on the yarn, I started to lay them on the hoop, leaving room to pull the yarn to make adjustments. Close the hoop, then cut the excess yarn once they are in a good placement.


Once all of your butterflies are in place, make sure your hoop is tightened, so they don’t move. Leave a long tail of tulle and begin wrapping around the hoop.

I wrapped the tulle between every strand and tied a knot after the 6th one (where the next color of butterflies start), leaving another long tail of tulle (picture below). How long of a tail depends on how low you plan on hanging the mobile from the ceiling. Starting each section with a long tail and finishing with a long tail, at the next color change.

This gives you a total of 8 tails of tulle, coming from 4 points on the hoop. I ended up just hanging a hook from the ceiling, tying the tulle around the hook and letting the leftover tulle just hang down, like a little canopy, over the top of the hoop.

Hope you like the mobile! I would love to see how you customize it for your little ones!

Please remember that mobiles such as this need to be secured and out of reach from babies. I recommend using this mobile in an area, such as over a changing table, from newborn to 3 months of age. Please secure to ceiling, so that mobile cannot fall into crib or onto baby. Once babies are able to crawl and/or stand, this mobile is no longer safe hanging over their crib.

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